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Website Essentials

Since 1989 with the creation of the world wide web (which looked something like the image to the right), websites have had a major facelift. The new features and layouts make customization a breeze, and navigation smooth and simple to ensure that your clients can view all the information you have laid out for them. Updating your website is crucial and should be done every few years if not every year to keep potential and past clients up to date with pricing, services, company updates, etc. Here are a few things to consider if you’re thinking of creating a website or having your website updated in the near future:

Navigation - Whether you’re a classic tabs person or you’re into the scroll feature that has recently popped up, making sure navigation is seamless is super important to making sure your client stays engaged and does not get frustrated with trying to find information. Ensuring that all buttons and tabs are linked correctly is of the upmost importance to make sure that your site viewer has a seamless visit and doesn't run into error and 'can not be found' pages. If the links to each tab or page are broken your clients will not be able to access information or navigate through your site. Definitely use your best judgement when it comes to creating or updating your website. As the saying goes “if it’s not broken don’t fix it”, but also keep in mind what purpose does your website need to serve and is that being executed with what you have currently?

Content / Examples of work - One of the main reasons why someone will visit your website is to get more information about services, pricing, and to see examples of your work so they can decide if you are the right fit. It’s important to keep this consistently updated so that clients are reading the correct information and aren’t blindsided if something is different from what they had initially thought. Having a strong samples of what you have done in the past for clients or examples of the type of work / products your company produces and/or offers.

Testimonials - Now on to the part that is going to be the hardest to get people to do for you, but it is more than likely going to be the reason why a potential client decides to choose you. Having clients review your business and give their honest opinion of your performance is so crucial to have on your website or at least on google. These reviews show your potential clients who you are as a business owner and what kind of quality you’re providing with your services. The word of mouth spreads fast but reviews online spread faster.

Your Team - Making sure that your team is on your website is a nice personal touch that will not go unnoticed. If you are in the realm where customer service is key or your team is constantly in the face and working with the public it is a great idea to have them on your website. That way clients will be able to get to know a bit about who they are going to be in contact and working with.

Your website is the most important tool in your back pocket for getting information out into the world, so take advantage of it!

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