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Are Business Cards In The Past?

For those of us that have seen American Psycho, we know that business cards are a big deal. Maybe not in the same sense as the movie (paper weight, font, etc), but in the sense of what should be on your business card, and what is going to get future clients to reach out. With a shift in everything becoming more digital, what has come of handing out and having business cards? Are they a thing of the past? What is going to be more effective for you and your business to get your name out there? Here is one alternative that we’ve seen that is worth considering.

Popl and DOT card are two great physical yet digital options that business owners can add to their arsenal. The premise of each is that you can go up to someones phone with either the card or sticky dot (that you can attach to your phone) and the person gets a notification that when opened has all of your contact information, social media, and even forms of payment you take. These are a great way to not only save paper and money ordering business cards, but to make sure you are always ready at a moments notice and have all your information at your fingertips. Both Popl and the DOT card have features where you can customize and put your logo onto the card and dots. The cards also come with a scannable QR code on the reverse side in case people would rather scan.

Now turning it back to the classic business card, they are also very effective in their own way. They are prefect for simple quick interactions of just handing the interested party your card and being on your way. Yes the digital cards you can make it a simple and quick conversation as well, but the interested party needs to be sure to click on the pop up or else they could ultimately lose your information. Where as if they had your physical business card they have something that they can refer back to.

So should we move towards the future or stick with the classic business card? It’s hard to say or predict which option is going to be the winner. It helps to know your customer and what would be best for them. If they seem to be someone who is unsure they may need the physical card to refer back to. If they are eager to get started and want the info right away you can just tap them and they can go to whichever info they need. The only way to find out is to give them both a try!

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