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Finding The Perfect Location

Updated: Jan 20, 2022

You’ve booked your session, ordered / found outfits , and now all there is to do is find the perfect location. This can seem like a daunting task and opens up

so many questions like

  • what feel are you going for (rustic, industrial, urban, etc),

  • do you want to be indoors or outdoors, what location is going to be able to hold your family (if bringing multiple people along),

  • do you want the location to be a significant place to you (holds precious memories, got engaged there, family home).

A lot comes to mind but here are a few tips from us to help in the selection process:

Do you want to be indoors or outside?

- This is always the hardest decision to make, especially when we start getting into the winter and colder months. You will almost have to be a meteorologist and think about what kind of conditions you are willing to sit through for about an hour. If you’re having a family session and have a newborn it would be more ideal to have the session outdoors if it’s during the warmer months. And if you want to photograph outside in the dead of winter you will have to think about dressing warm and stylish to keep everyone smiley and comfortable, especially if you have a newborn.

Inside is a great option for those wanting a studio portrait style of images, and to beat the cold! If it is during the warmer months indoors has less possibility for greenery and exploring around finding new spots to snag a photo in front of. If you are going fo a more in home studio feel with props and backdrops, then indoors is the perfect option.

What feel are you going for?

- This is something that isn’t too high in the level of importance, but can make a difference if you’re thinking of having them hung in your home. The most common looks that we come across are industrial, greenery, urban, and modern. Depending on the feel and style that you’re thinking of it should translate into the location that you choose. For example if you are a more laid back family and have bohemian style decor it might look out of place if you chose a location that is modern for family photos to be hung up on the wall. We can always help with this as well just let us know what are your must haves are or if you have a rough idea and we can go from there and send over locations we suggest.

Do you want it to be a significant location?

-This is a big question to ponder if you're considering coming into the studio for a branding session. When it comes to representing your brand you're going to want to choose a significant location such as your office space, studio, or whereever it is that you hold and run your business so it is recognizable and fits your brand. On the flip side for our recently engaged couples you might want to think about going back to where you had your first date, where you got engaged or somewhere you both spend a lot of time together. Make sure to choose an attire that fits the location. While style of clothing and coloring should match your brand or environment, make sure to wear the right shoes. You don't want to wear thing heels if you are planning on being in the grass!

With these 3 tips and finding the right photographer who will help guide you through every step, you can look forward to having a creative and successful photography session!!

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