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Studio Rental

Looking to bring your creative vision to life but just don't have the space? We got you! Our Studio is available for hourly, half day, or full day rental! 











All rentals are billed per hour.  Any part of an hour is billed at the next full hour.
Prices subject to change.

Adaptable Set Space

Dressing Room 

On-Site Professional 

Kitchen with Coffee/Tea/Water

Outdoor Space

Hair and Makeup Station

One Session at a Time

Free Parking (#10 spaces)



1-Hour Basic Camera Lesson


1-hr with professional photographer to learn more about your camera, lenses, and taking images!

Basic Camera and Lighting Lesson


What's Included:

Lesson with professional 

photographer to go over basic camera skills and learn about studio lighting from set-up to breakdown.

Basic Lighting Lesson


Lesson to go over studio lighting from set-up to break down. 

Lighting, Camera, and Posing help during session

$100/hr or $250 for 3hrs

What's Included:

 Basic camera and studio lighting guidance throughout studio rental, as well as help posing model.

Enfoqué Images is collaborative by nature. We share our space with a team of professionals and open our studio up to fellow photographers, videographers, and content producers in need of space to create. 


Located at 841 State Fair Boulevard in Syracuse, New York, the Enfoqué Images Studio offers: 

Professional Studio Space

Professional Lighting

Affordable Hourly Rates

Clean and Sanitized Space

Hourly Studio Rental


What's Included:

 Use of all set walls and backdrops 

 Hair and Makeup vanity area 

 Private dressing room 

 Stream music throughout camera room 

 100% privacy throughout the duration of your shoot


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