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Choosing props for your session

Updated: Jan 20, 2022

Booked a session for you, the family, or the kiddos? A little overwhelmed by everything you had to gather and get ready for? Like what do you even bring to a session? What kind of props should you be thinking about? Should you even bring props? Take a big deep breathe... we are here to help!

Don't over think it! While props are a great way to make a session more personal to you and your family, it's not a necessity and can be easier to choose then you think. Items can vary from bringing along a blanket, dressing in a style that fits where you will be hanging the images, or having something that will keep a smile on the kiddos face that you don’t mind making an appearance in the portraits.

💍For engagement sessions props could be a sign with your wedding date, something meaningful to both of you as a couple, or a change of clothes paying homage to your favorite sports team that you watch as a couple.

🎒For senior sessions, it is always fun to have them bring along any hobbies or sports they are involved in to show their interests in addition to capturing their formal senior photos. If you’re celebrating a birthday or milestone it can be fun to bring along anything that represents what you’re celebrating, and balloons are always a big YES from us!

🐶🐱🐓Bringing your fur babies is super popular and we love all the snuggles! Be sure to bring a long their favorite treats or chew toy to help get their attention.

🌦The weather, as we all know, is very unpredictable here in Syracuse so umbrellas are always a fun prop option to shelter from the aliments. We have clear umbrellas here at the studio that we bring along that would be the perfect addition for any session. If you are keeping the session indoors props can be found all over the location and we can utilize anything that sparks interest (mirror, fountain, bench, etc).

Essentially you are able to bring along anything your heart desires to your session to make it 100% your own. Be sure to let you photographer know what you have in mind so that they can get their creative gears turning and start thinking of ideas and poses that can be done!

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